Monday, 22 June 2015

Latest psychologist visit

It was one of those visits where he says "So there's quite a lot going on". Yep, never a dull moment with us it seems.

He asked how I felt about filing for bankrupcy this Friday coming. I guess people can feel like a terrible failure and get out the cat-o-nine tails to flagellate themselves, but I don't feel any of that. In fact I feel like we've done very well in extremely difficult circumstances. We kept a roof over our head and kept our relationship with each other. Certainly things could well have been much worse than they were.

I just feel like we've done everything we can to avoid it and pay back as much as we could to the card. The circumstances were beyond our control. Again, it comes back to David's discrimination case with his old work. If they'd not fucked him over we wouldn't be in this position now would we. That's going to be a fine thing to say at the arbitration hearing about it all isn't it; that I was driven into bankruptcy over it.

We also discussed the court hearing last Monday, and how the lies of the family came out. He was especially surprised at how the older brother came over to me wanting to sort it all out "nicely". In hindsight I'd have to take that as some kind of veiled threat now, being as it was in the context of them using David's HIV against him and wanting to leave the stomping out on the same court day.

How could they possibly be so dumb as to think psycho nephew's and my brother's behaviour on the night could in any way be mitigated, or that they could lie about what happened to smooth it over. I mean WTF are they thinking? That I would lie for them and not tell the facts because they're "the family"? That David would get in the stand and lie to the court for them? Do they not understand how we feel for each other? Do they think that a gay relationship isn't as loving as a straight one? That our love isn't to be respected the same as a straight one? 

To summarise, the most likely explanation is that they're dumb Taranaki hicks. Um, that language is my version not the psychologist's :)  That punch ups happen and it all gets sorted out without involving the police, and that words can be had with the local police (who don't even carry guns BTW) to smooth things over and everyone can move on. Dumb hicks

Well it doesn't work like that in Sydney.