Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Labor gov also paid people smugglers

Far out. This shit is exploding all over the place. Now we learn that, although not to turn back boats at sea, the Rudd Labor gov way back in 2010 was making cash payments to people smugglers for intelligence information and as an incentive not to launch boats to Australia.
Fairfax Media has been told that the practice of intelligence agency officials paying members of people-smuggling networks including boat owners and crews goes back to about 2010 under the then Rudd government. 

Instances include paying members of syndicates for information about the operations of the syndicate, or to dissuade them from launching boats. 

Asked to guarantee that no payments were made to people smugglers under Labor, a spokeswoman for shadow immigration spokesman Richard Marles said: "It's unlawful for the government or the opposition to divulge security or intelligence information." more
Just how far does this madness extend? Both major parties now are guilty of funding people smugglers with taxpayers money in a shameless grope to the very worst aspects of Australian racism.

Fuck, no wonder I vote Greens.