Thursday, 18 June 2015

Gay dads letter - to Aussie couple threatening divorce if gay marriage

The wacko Aussie christian couple who have threatened to get divorced if gay marriage becomes legal in Australia, have been soundly and vehemently castigated online here and internationally.

In Australia a facebook event page currently has nearly 170,000 people committed to partying to celebrate their divorce when it happens.

Now a gay father has written a letter to both of them in disgust. A very well written letter that basically tells both of them to stop spitting the dummy and fuckin grow up:
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jensen, 

I was sad to hear of your decision to divorce should same sex marriage become legal in Australia. It is indeed distressing that you would throw something away so cavalierly that others have worked so hard to try to achieve. 

I kind of get it. You had something that you felt held you above others, and made you feel special and a bit elite. That really was not the case. Here in the US they allow convicted murderers to marry from prison, even ones who have slaughtered their families like the Menendez brothers. Those who are allowed to marry are not really as holy or special as you seem to regard. In any case, they do seem to be ranked, in your opinion, above the people you don’t want to marry — LGBT people. 

In your declaration of your decision to divorce, you make clear that you want control over the “rules” or you won’t play by them anymore. I have had a similar situation with one of my sons who, in his young life, refused to play games that were not set up by rules he made himself. It took a little time, but I finally showed him that the things that are worthwhile are not the things that cause us to “win” no matter what, they are things that exponentially expand joy and love. read the rest