Monday, 15 June 2015

Paying people smugglers is OK - Lieberals

Yes, Ruddock (Lieberal pictured) thinks supporting the people smuggler industry by paying them Australian tax dollars to go back, is an OK idea. The reason? Because it's cheaper than processing them. 


This is the stupendous stupidity now coming from the Abbott gov. 
"The amount of money that was allegedly paid is nothing in comparison to the cost of processing the excessive amount of people who came to Australia as a result of people smuggling activity," Mr Ruddock told a News Corp paper. 

"Having so many people come to Australia as a result of the hideous people smuggling trade and processing them in Australia cost millions and millions of dollars," he said. 

"It effectively destroyed Australia's capacity to accept genuine refugees who applied through the appropriate channels. That was stalled completely for four years under Labor." 

Last month Mr Ruddock was given the role as "special envoy for citizenship and community engagement" by Prime Minister Tony Abbott. more 
So what happens when the industry starts booming? Boats will flood the high seas waiting for the free $ flowing from Australian taxpayers. All you need is an old boat and a few people, and presto! $5,000 each for the crew! Brilliant! Who even needs asylum seekers? Just have some people pretending to be and share the money with them! 

It's official folks. The Abbott gov has well and truly lost the fuckin plot.