Friday, 19 June 2015

My brother using HIV against David

I can't believe how my brother is using HIV against David. The other day in court when him and psycho nephew claimed that David spat on him and said he'd get "AIDS". A total lie BTW. Seriously, if you thought you'd get "AIDS" from being spat on by an HIV+ person the last thing you'd want to do would be a blood to blood exchange via fists. And there was a lot of blood from David.

Why do people do that? Use HIV to claim self defence? Making a moral judgement about the person because of the illness? Using the illness to get back at the person. It doesn't happen with any other disease like that. Why should it happen with HIV?

Just a note on the "AIDS" thing. Using the term AIDS like that in this day and age is hugely ignorant. Few people diagnosed today progress to AIDS (getting an AIDS defining illness) because the medication today is very good at controlling the virus. To say someone "will get AIDS" is making a prediction about future health outcomes for the person. It's no longer the case that simply by getting HIV then you automatically get AIDS.

I'm seeing the psychologist Monday as I'm really having trouble getting my head around what my brother is trying to do to David. Needless to say I'm beyond disgusted with my brother. Honestly don't have words to describe my revulsion. What if it was my late wife who'd been bashed and stomped on whilst bleeding on the floor? To do such a thing to my partner of over two years now shows huge disrespect for me.

In fact I'd go so far as to say that the assault on David was also in a  way an assault on me.