Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Hiding from the world - not a good day

Have been very depressed today. That sort of suffocating depression that completely takes over. Got up out of bed after a while this morning and couldn't stop crying for a while. Felt like I'd just had enough of everything and all out of steam.

Took my pills and went back to bed. Left the curtains drawn, and lay in bed on my own for a couple of hours. Surrounded by darkness and gloom was very fitting for my mood. Didn't want to look outside. Just to hide away from it all for a time.

Cats came in after some time. Zac plonked himself down next to me on the bed and Natasha on her chair with Teddy. She loves her Teddy. Does the clawing thing to it that cats do.

So this plastic internet brain is my first peak out at the world today.....