Thursday, 6 July 2017

$16k last financial was the total income for my DSP

Yes folks, according to some we on the Disability Support Pension decided to make a lifestyle out of pretending we're sick and ripping the gov off by bazillions. 

They don't mention people like me. I worked hard bla for 30 years until I got sick. I was up to $55k a year  near the end in full time work. But apparently according to far right Lieberals in Canberra I'm suspected of making a "career choice" and decided to "sit on my ass" and bludge off the gov.

If only. I'd be so much happier if I was able to work and go back into the printing industry. $55k a year sounds pretty bloody good right now. Thirty years of experience does put you in demand. But I just can't do it.

So now I'm labeled a bludger, a "burden" because of this gov's direction. Yet all I get is a pittance barely enough to survive.

That $16k includes about $10k in rent. David gets the same $16k on the pension Carers Payment which he pays the other $10k in rent to make up the $410 wk for this place. He also gets the Carers Allowance of $120 or so a fortnight. So he got a massive about $19k. Leaving us both as a couple with about $15k for the year to live off after rent.

It is do-able, but all we do is just survive. Perhaps I should start blogging about how to make really cheap meals at home 😁; How to survive on bugger all. We do have a few tips, might be an idea eh?

So that's our situation. There are three million Australians currently living below the poverty line and we are in no way alone in this. I'm sure every single one of those three million have their own personal stories of survival. Particularly Newstart recipients.

I would never have wished my illness on myself. I would never have chosen this path. Unfortunately this is where I am and I just have to deal with it. It certainly wasn't a "career choice". I so wish people could understand that.

We sick and unfortunate don't have much of a voice. At least I've got a blog to rave myself to death! I doubt many even have that. Do the poor have the internet? :s