Thursday, 6 July 2017

US politician uses Auschwitz to justify the present US immigration stupidity (video)

There is nothing worse than a politician using deaths for political gain. This US politician did an Abbott, as Abbott would have likely done the same sort of thing. However I think he's even out done our Tones in despicable politicising of sensitive issues.

This sicko went into the Auschwitz memorial site and made a video about it. I was sort of interested at first wondering why people were upset about it, until he used said  Auschwitz to justify "protection of America from the evils of the world"; code language for the immigration bans that have lead to Gestapo like interrogations of friendly Australians trying to enter the US and being traumatised. One of them sent back to Australia, denied entry because of a simple calendar diary entry, and without uniting with her US partner.

To use Auschwitz and such a tragedy of death that the Holocaust was is sick in the extreme. Is this what the US is turning into? Career politicians who care nothing about anything except their own career?

Well you're not alone US. We have that sort of unrepresentative swill currently holding power federally. I call them the Lieberals......