Tuesday, 25 July 2017

GetUp launches major push for marriage equality

GetUp has launched a major push in the electorates of on the fence Lieberals, as the private members bill by West Australian Lieberal Dean Smith is to be put forward when parliament resumes shortly.

They are crowd funding this latest effort and you can contribute here if you so desire.
 We have a rare opportunity to win marriage equality. But we only have a short amount of time to take action. Can you chip in to supercharge this campaign to get marriage equality over the line?

 WA Senator Dean Smith has put forward a bill and rumour has it that Liberal MPs are willing to cross the floor, meaning the bill has the numbers to pass. We need to throw everything we have at this fight.

 Opponents of marriage equality have deep pockets and extraordinary access to far-right members of the Liberal party. They've stalled dozens of attempts to change the discriminatory law. We need to speak the politician's language and get them where it hurts -- in their electorates.

 GetUp has identified a handful of MPs that are on the fence on marriage equality -- we can demonstrate how toxic a vote against marriage equality is, and add more votes to our column. In these key electorates we will phone bank, unleash targeted sophisticated digital advertising, name and shame the MPs in outdoor posters and invest in video storytelling to put the lives of LGBT people front and centre of this political fight.

 Marriage equality is the law in 22 countries around the world. It's largely accepted as inevitable here in Australia -- even the conservatives want to make sure that this issue isn't losing them votes at the next election.

 We truly believe that we can win this vote and GetUp is throwing everything at it. But we have less than a month until the bill is introduced, can you help make this huge? Contribute here