Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Dutton wins cabinet support for postal plebiscite vote (video)

What is wrong with these people? Listening to Dopey Dutton like he knows what's good for LGBT people? The guy is a moron.

So it appears Dopey Dutton has won support from fellow cabinet ministers of the gov for a postal plebiscite. Yes, they're still stuck in their plebiscite world. A plebiscite that will be wrong for pretty much all the same reasons as the other plebiscite idea was wrong.

But this will be worse. It won't be a fair vote. There's a reason why Australia Post's revenue has fallen in recent years; nobody mails letters anymore. Well certainly not many young people, which would represent a large number of yes voters. Hardly a fair opinion poll (which is what a plebiscite is). 

But as usual with the Lieberals, it's all about their party and not the LGBT. So we get a far right bitter and twisted middle aged white christian gov zealot deciding what's good for us LGBT. That in itself is an injustice to us. Pathetic.

The parliamentary party is united in wanting the issue dealt with asap. Since a free vote would likely split the party, that is not an option. A ‘proper’ plebiscite remains impossible while the Senate and LGBTI campaigners maintain their opposition. That leaves a postal vote as the only possible way forward. This is the argument that Dutton appears to have won.

 His supporters are unmoved by the deficiencies of a postal vote: they can spruik it as a ‘plebiscite’ and claim they have kept their promises. It will still not bind MPs to vote in line with the result. It won’t be compulsory. And younger voters are less likely to return a postal ballot than older people, suppressing the Yes vote. Worst of all, we won’t know exactly what we’re voting for: at this stage, there’s no bill. Whichever way it goes – and it will be designed as far as possible to hand the No side a win – the losers won’t accept the outcome.

 None of which matters to the delcons such as Abbott, Abetz, or even Dutton himself. After all, since we LGBTI blocked the plebiscite proper, we only have ourselves to blame for ending up with a worse mechanism, they say. The only way to stop the postal plebiscite at this stage is to convince the delcons they will lose. More polls will not do it: the Australian Equality Campaign unveiling a multi-million dollar warchest, for example, might just about meet the case!

 There is no need to take the issue back to the party room on August 8, though they almost certainly will, “to give everyone a say”: it will likely pass with a sigh of relief. Just to make sure, it’ll be another “stacked” joint meeting, including the Nationals. Talk is moving from “if” to “when”, with nothing remaining but the announcement. The Stirrer