Saturday, 1 July 2017

Pell said abortion was a worse crime than sex abuse of kids - 2002

As Pell has been charged with sexual abuse of children, there's been quite a bit of stuff coming out of the internet woodwork about his past controversies. Like this little gem from way back in 2002.

It's likely worth noting that this surely portrays his attitude to child sex abuse. To say that a woman having power over her body in a modern society is worse than a priest fucking around with kids is in my mind appalling and grotesque. It's just sick. But this is what Pell asserted:

Sydney's Archbishop George Pell told pilgrims at World Youth Day in Toronto "abortion is a worse moral scandal than priests sexually abusing young people".

 During a catechesis session before a group of 500 young people, Pell was asked by a youth minister from Kentucky what Catholics should say when asked about the sex abuse crisis in the US Catholic church.

 When the youth minister sought clarification, the archbishop explained that abortion "is always a destruction of human life".

 Dr Pell then insisted his comments were not designed to downplay sexual abuse; he was merely trying to point out that sex abuse by Catholic clergy had attracted attention to the detriment of other issues.

 Archbishop Pell stressed that Christ promises punishment for those who stray from the church's teachings on premarital sex, abortion and euthanasia -- as well as on social justice and looking after the poor.

 The archbishop received a standing ovation from his audience, but was strongly criticised by sex abuse victims rights groups. The Sydney Morning Herald quotes child protection advocate Hetty Johnston's assessment of the speech as "ghastly, insensitive and appalling". Catholic News
 Well what an inconvenience eh? Pesky sex abuse victims distracting from whatever. This was the church's response to them over the crimes committed by the church against them. Fuckin disgusting.