Saturday, 15 July 2017

GetUp crowd funded tax journalist Michael West for research - video

From the email. Think I'll have to flag that email and get into it much more as there's so much information there. But just to start off, here is West on the Murdoch owned Sky News, video below.

Keep in mind how robodebt and the like is targeting people like me with nothing, attempting to make our suffering even worse by saying we owe some bullshit amount to them. Yet multinational corporations are getting away with blue murder. 
 Two months ago 2,951 incredible GetUp members chipped in to fund hard-hitting independent investigative journalism by Michael West, one of Australia's top business reporters.
 West dug deep into the tax affairs of 20 of Australia's largest multinational corporations – and uncovered the dodgy tricks they use to cheat the public out of billions of dollars in tax revenue.
 And just last week, West presented the findings of his investigation before the Senate Inquiry into Corporate Tax Avoidance.
 It's been a powerful collaboration, which even attracted the ire of the Murdoch Press...