Friday, 7 July 2017

Peter and Bon (Bon now passed) remember their Aussie doco 1972 (video)

I've been posting about these two lovely people for some months now. They recently celebrated their 50th anniversary together, albeit weren't allowed to fulfill their desire to be married on said anniversary. See video below. Bon has died without our gov allowing them the human right to marry, forever denied to them now.

This has footage of a "Checkerboard" ABC program from 1972. Yes folks, gay people actually existed back in 1972, in Australia (the roughian nation back then) and they went on a nationally televised program about their lives being gay. Long before the community thought it was OK to be gay, or as it was back then "homosexual".

They both as a couple were still agitating for marriage equality even to the end. It's upsetting to me that it didn't come to pass for them.

Australia has been at the forefront many times in respect of social change. Marriage equality is where we lost the ball.....