Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Undetectable HIV viral load = no passing on of virus (major Aussie study)

This is the reason why those in communities at risk of HIV should get tested regularly, for no cost to themselves, and no stigma fear, to eventually eradicate the HIV virus from humanity.

And if said people are tested and found to be HIV positive, then getting them on the HIV meds is beneficial to the whole community. It means they become essentially non-infectious. Meaning it's impossible for them to pass on the HIV virus even with unprotected sex.

I would have to add that gays have been at the forefront of dealing with the HIV virus. Unlike Western Australia mining regions. Blaming gays is amis. HIV doesn't discriminate. How many of those hetro minors get tested every 3 months for HIV?

From 2011: 
AIDS risk changing

Dr Douglas says that while Australia has continued to perform well in controlling the spread of HIV in the community, the profile of those at risk is changing. "We still have very low rates of infection, they are increasing slightly but compared to other countries that haven't done as well as Australia, we are doing really well."

"But rates are increasing and things have changed a bit." "In this country it used to be almost exclusively a disease of men who have sex with men."

"Now we are seeing it amongst heterosexual couples and that is people travelling to high prevalence countries, as well people from high prevalence countries coming into Australia with HIV."

"We've got to respond in a different way to this change and one of the things we're doing is to have this ball to raise general awareness amongst people that it is now not just exclusively a disease of men who have sex with men or people who use drugs." ABC