Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Lyle Shelton (ACL) was political advisor to Barnaby Joyce

It's been very obvious in recent times the links between the federal Lieberals and far right loony tunes christian groups. We've had Scott Morrison speaking at the Australian Christian Lobby conference last year in Sydney, along with Tony Abbott speaking at Alliance Defending Freedom in New York. Notably both organisations are vehemently ant-gay.

Well another link has emerged between the Lieberals and the Australian Christian Lobby extremists. Thanks to an announcement of the ACL leader Lyle Shelton in a country news outlet about an upcoming visit, it has come to light that Shelton spent time as a political advisor to our current deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce.

After a role as political advisor to Queensland senators Ron Boswell and Barnaby Joyce, Mr Shelton became the Chief of Staff at the Australian Christian Lobby for six years. He was appointed managing director in 2013.

 The dinner — to be held on Monday, July 24 — will cover a range of topics, including the controversial issue of marriage equality.

 Mr Shelton will chat about the implications of allowing marriage equality in other countries such as Canada and Sweden, and the potential consequences should it be allowed in Australia.

 Safe schools, freedom of speech and transgenderism will also be topics of discussion. SOUTHERN RIVERINA NEWS