Sunday, 16 July 2017

Interview of Aussie gay couple on marriage equality (video)

I have to give credit to YouTube for suggesting this video for me to watch. Evidently YouTube is getting to know me very well. Surprises me a lot how it somehow manages to dig up videos that I'd not have a chance of finding myself.

This is an interview of an Australian gay couple who were married in New Zealand, the interview done about 6 months ago. It's still pretty up to date though apart from some details. Like Cory Bernardi has indeed pissed himself off from the Lieberals because he thought they were too leftie (FFS:s ).

Australian marriage equality remains in the same limbo the Lieberals have put it in 6 months ago; being the plebiscite or nothing doctrine. Designed to appease the far right of the Federal Lieberals so Turnbull can keep their support and stay prime minister.

One of the strongest points made during the interview is that the far right should look beyond their personal sphere of people and at the bigger picture. I would use the example of Tony Abbott in this, saying that not to have a plebiscite is a "betrayal of trust" to those that voted Lieberal. Who is he talking about exactly? It's certainly not the majority of Australians. He must be referring to his own circle of contacts that of course think as he does.

The interview also shows what the delay in marriage equality means on a human level. These are real people with real lives. To have our lives so politicised over our issue of human rights is just an insult.