Wednesday, 12 July 2017

US Attorney General and "Alliance Defending Freedom" - shades of Abbott (video)

We LGBT long remember when our ex-prime minister Tony Abbott went to New York and spoke at a gathering of the US based Alliance Defending Freedom, bagging us LGBT as not worthy of his acceptance of us being married.

Now the US Attorney General is having some sort of secret bla with the ADF and the Americans are horrified darlings. Being as the US is pretty much politically far right lunatic fringe dwellers, it's rather telling that even they find much to do with the ADF and their leaders sucking up to them entirely horrifying.

This is the lunatic fringe that the US has become.

This is the lunatic fringe that Abbott already was as our PM but found and outlet in the US ADF. This is the sort of person Abbott is.

The fact that a few other lunatics in the Lieberals actually think he can come back and be PM again says huge amounts of the backwards demented nature of the current Lieberal party. Anyone who could vaguely even countenance such an insane thought is certainly not with the electorate.

The Alliance Defending Freedom is the largest of the Religious Right legal groups, engaging in culture war battles against LGBTQ equality and reproductive choice in the U.S. and increasingly around the globe. So why would the address of the attorney general to ADF, a group not normally shy about taking credit for its work, be closed to the media?

 We took a look at the ADF’s website. There’s a series of blog posts explaining why laws protecting people against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity are a threat to free speech and religious freedom. There’s some crowing about winning a recent Supreme Court case that could undermine church-state separation. There’s a recent post about how intolerant the Left is. But there’s no information about the summit. Ditto for ADF’s Twitter feed @AllianceDefends. The events tab on its Facebook page says, “Alliance Defending Freedom does not have any upcoming events.” Googling the conference turns up only a mobile app for the summit, but after downloading it, we ran into a password wall. Right Wing Watch