Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The Australian newspaper rigged plebiscite polling

The Australian ( gov bugle) had another bullshit plebiscite poll, pulling the wool over the eyes of the poll answerers. 

"Should the issue be resolved by a national plebiscite" is an out and out lie. A plebiscite is nothing more than a glorified opinion poll that doesn't require the gov of the day to pass what has been voted on. Indeed there are ministers in the gov who have publicly said they'll vote no for marriage equality even if the plebiscite was yes.

In short a plebiscite won't "resolve" the issue. A parliamentary free vote will.

Why the fuck is the paper still talking about a bloody plebiscite? It's dead. Kaput. 

The question The Australian asked was, “should the issue be resolved by means of a national plebiscite or by politicians voting in parliament.” (my emphasis)

 It makes it sound like an either/or proposition. But it is not. A plebiscite is not an alternative to a vote in parliament, just an expensive add-on.

 People thought they were being asked if they wanted a public vote that would actually change the law – ‘resolve the issue’, as the paper put it, instead of a parliamentary vote. But there is no way to do that in the Australian system. Laws can only be changed by politicians voting in parliament.

 A plebiscite has absolutely no effect: it’s just a great big bloody expensive opinion poll that politicians can ignore if they like. As many of them have said they will.

 The issue can only be ‘resolved’ by politicians voting in parliament, whether or not a plebiscite – which is nothing more than a $160m taxpayer funded opinion poll – is held first.

 We have been here before: this is the same lie the last time the government tried to foist a plebiscite upon us. But when it was explained to people that a plebiscite would not be binding, and would cost more than $160m, support for the idea fell dramatically, as we wrote here: 70% do NOT support a plebiscite.

 The last poll which explained all this found only 25% supported a plebiscite.

 A plebiscite resolves nothing. And when people know that, they do not support it. The Stirrer