Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Low NBN speeds due to high charges from NBN to ISP's (video)

Continuing the infrastructure disaster that the Lieberals have turned the National Broadband Network into (to the detriment of their election chances) we now have reports that people transferring to the NBN after it's rolled out to their premises are finding no difference in speed as when they were on the simple ADSL.

What a Lieberal disaster. What a lemon.

We BTW in the middle of eastern Sydney are still on ADSL2+, with no sign of the NBN roll-out until late next year. The internet is getting slowly worse and worse here as Sydney residents sign up more and more for streaming pay TV. It constantly drops out and we have to reconnect by rebooting the modem/router thingo. Often this will happen in the middle of my posting here and I have to save the post to Word and reboot everything. That's how bad it is.

Yet the new whiz bang NBN sounds no better.