Monday, 24 July 2017

Turnbull humiliated on live TV over marriage equality (video)

Turnbull left speechless, gives awkward smile

I have no idea why Turnbull was on The Project (a light hearted news show) but it did mean he was out in the real world away from his party. Where everybody knows that he is the only reason why we don't have marriage equality today in Australia, and they aren't afraid to stick it to him about it.

This is the reality of the marriage equality nightmare the Lieberals have made for themselves. It's one thing to preach to the faithful or repeat endlessly in front of the camera their doctrine of plebiscite or nothing. It's quite another for the public to be openly laughing at you about how ridiculous it is.

Fact is we're not going away. Love is a very powerful thing to be fighting for. A light hearted bit of banter on a news show isn't going to cut it over denying us our human rights.