Monday, 24 July 2017

Liberal party Doctor blames HIV on "man's love"

HIV doesn't discriminate, yet this appears to have escaped a doctor in Bendigo, who is also a recruiter for the Liberals.

Yet another connection between the party and extremist far right christianity.

In a wide-ranging speech that argued against abortion, dying with dignity and marriage equality, Dr Stratov also spoke about his experience treating patients with HIV, explaining lapsed moral judgment was to blame for the disease’s spread.

 “I studied a disease called HIV; thirty-five million people have died from that disease because they all decided they were going to make man’s love, not God’s love,” Dr Stratov, also a former Family First state election candidate, said.

 “Look at what’s happened to them.”

 Victorian AIDS Council chief executive officer Simon Ruth, whose organisation runs Bendigo-based HIV service VACountry, said the medic’s claim was symptomatic of the stigma faced by the LGBTI community and people living with HIV.

The blood-borne virus could affect anyone, Mr Ruth said.

 "Gay, straight, men, women, trans and gender diverse communities, and people of every race and religion – including 2.6 million children worldwide,” he said.

 “HIV does not discriminate and to have a registered medical practitioner assert otherwise is repugnant.” Bendigo Advertiser