Monday, 3 July 2017

"Jesus wouldn't serve gays" - christian cake maker, US (video The View)

More love from the christians.....

In a case that has gone all the way to the US supreme court, a US baker says Jesus wouldn't make a wedding cake for gays.
After the U.S. Supreme Court agreed to hear his case, Colorado baker Jack Phillips appeared Thursday on ABC’s The View to explain why he refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. He told hosts that the bible said marriage was only between a man and a woman. When asked if Jesus would’ve done the same, he said yes.

 “I don’t believe that Jesus would’ve made a cake if he had been a baker,” Phillips. Law Newz
The discussion goes on about it being a so called "fine line" between the two arguments for and against. However for me it's as simple as black and white. Literally. If a couple of black and white were refused service because it was a mixed marriage wedding, that's an open and shut case of discrimination.

Gays can't change who they are anymore than someone can change the colour of their skin.

It's worth mentioning that the female lawyer is from the Alliance Defending Freedom. The same organisation that Tony Abbott went to New York and made that horrible anti-gay speech at. 

The Alliance Defending Freedom is an anti-gay group opposed to gay rights and gay marriage, and provides lawyers to defend people such as this baker on the grounds of "religious freedom".