Friday, 7 July 2017

US health care via Trumpcare - video

Listen up Australia.....

We don't want this shit the Lieberals worship as the way to go for health care. Hawke bought in Medicare (WTF has this gov done? Apart from trying to dismantle it). President Clintin tried to reform their health care in the US after they studied Australia's Medicare system. The whole thing failed because whatever over there.

The Lieberals are edging slowly towards such a system, where private companies can decide if you can get health care according to your condition. If you're too sick the premiums are so high as to deny you health care/insurance.

Australia works the same with private heath care. I couldn't even afford basic private health care  because David and I are poor. And I have so many conditions the premiums wouldn't be basic anyway. So I rely on Medicare. The saviour of us poor!

I go to my HIV GP professor doctor, a director at the health care centre where those that earn a decent wage get charged $85 for seeing a doctor there. I see him for free. I see for free lately the kidney specialist as my kidney dramas increased a bit. I've been seeing since 2009 my psychologist for free (currently once a month).

The US system is expensive and horrifying. It's all based on private insurance pretty much. 

When you take a car in to be fixed here in Oz, the mechanic will ask you if it's an insurance job or not. If it is they pump up the price because they know they'll be paid by the insurance company.

Hence the US health system....