Sunday, 9 July 2017

Gov wants Sickness Allowance recipients to become jobseekers :s

Among many other things I should add, as the AIM article reveals (including drug testing welfare recipients).

Perhaps because I spent two months getting Sickness Allowance back when I was on dialysis with acute kidney failure, this makes particularly no sense. Sickness Allowance is payable to you if you get sick and have a job to return to (ie your boss says he'll keep you on when you get better). It's used for things like recovering from a broken leg for example, or an operation. 

It pays the same amount as the dole. But at least it's something, even though it wasn't even enough to pay my rent.

My point is it's paid to people who're demonstrably sick. Likely even in hospital. How on earth could you turn this Sickness Allowance into a jobseeker payment? 

What's more you're only eligible for it if you have a job to return back to. How then are you supposed to be a jobseeker?

The legislation is currently before parliament and hasn't entered the senate yet. Much more at the link.