Thursday, 13 July 2017

Malta gets marriage equality - Australia waits.... (video)

Malta has legalised marriage equality, again highlighting how Neanderthal the Australian Lieberal party is. There was only one person  who voted no in the parliamentary vote.

Australia continues to wait.

David is half Maltese. His mother has never accepted him being gay. Another case of immigrants having been in Australia for decades and not realising how their homeland has changed. David and his mother don't communicate at all anymore.

MALTA’S parliament has voted to allow same-sex couples to marry, three years after passing a law permitting civil partnerships in the overwhelmingly Catholic nation.

The breakthrough comes just weeks Taiwan and Germany legalised gay marriage, leaving Australia in the dust.

Malta, the EU’s smallest nation, becomes the bloc’s 15th country to legalise same-sex unions. Only one politician out of 67 in the Maltese parliament voted against the legislation, signalling its broad support on the island nation.