Friday, 20 April 2018

Eureka!! I fixed the browsers not working problem!! Hooray again!!

Not that I needed the other browsers, but it was truly driving me crazy. There must be a reason for it, I thought. It was just a matter of finding the solution. Us 55 year olds tend to have a lot more patience than the younger ones. Some may give up and take it in to the computer fixit shop. However the solution is actually quite simple.

So today I turned to Google. Unlike a teenager who just thinks they know everything, Google actually does know everything. All that's needed is a bit of patient searching. So I simply asked it why only one browser was working on my PC, question mark and all. This stuff was all science fiction when I was growing up.

I eventually came across this site, with specific instructions on how to fix it. It's easy, however it does involve using the command prompt as the administrator; you know that black and white box that has script in it that looks like it's from the scary days of 80's computing. I have no idea about it but all you need to do is copy and paste the gibberish into the command prompt.

If the problem still exists then click on Start -- In search box, type cmd -- Then "CMD" will be displayed in the search -- Now right-click on "CMD" --- Select "Run as administrator".

Now enter this command
 netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt
 Press "Enter".

 Now enter these commands 
 netsh winsock reset catalog
Press Enter
 netsh int ip reset reset.log hit
Press Enter.

 Reboot your computer" CCM
And viola, Google Chrome is now working again. I yelled out to David, Eureka! I fixed it! Raised my hands in victory! I had beaten the plastic brain! Hooray!

Not that I need another browser now as I also fixed the cookie problem in the Opera browser (see last post) and I'm very happy with how it's running now. Chrome I stripped bare yesterday trying to get it working again. Ended up doing a clean install (un-installing every morsel of Chrome on the PC and downloading and installing it from scratch) so there's nothing left except a shell. But it's there working in case I get another plastic brain emergency.  

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