Wednesday, 11 April 2018

"What To Reject When You're Expecting: Breastfeeding" - I sent to my daughter (video)

A rather funny but very informative video that I just sent to my daughter. She's over 30 weeks now so getting all ready to drop. This just came up on my YouTube feed from the ABC's The Checkout, a show about rip offs basically, on the national broadcaster. Gov funded with no adds, so they can say whatever about commercial companies and their bullshit bla.

Daughter has the pregnant walk now, you know leaning back and walking like a duck. She's handling it very well actually, a very strong person with a strong personality. Am very proud of her through this pregnancy for being that way.

Of course us blokes have no idea. The closest we get to pregnancy is a beer gut. Women with all that plumbing? Good grief I dunno how they do it.

My daughter was somewhat of a miracle baby BTW. After my late wife fell pregnant after only three months of us together (oops) she saw three of her specialists to gauge whether to go ahead with the pregnancy. They were cautious but said they couldn't see an overwhelming reason why not.

She'd had one abortion when she was really young and always regretted it later in life. That's the sort of person she was. She didn't want to have another abortion, and because of the way we felt about each other she bravely decided to go ahead with this pregnancy .

Long story short it was an extremely difficult pregnancy, with multiple and increasing regular trips to the hospital over it. She cut down on her pain meds which was good for the baby but put her in agony. In the end they hospitalised her and decided on a planned cesarean to take the baby a month early, thereby balancing the pain she was in with our daughter's capacity to survive. 

She really really wanted to have this baby. Put herself through hell for it. A very strong woman. Just like our daughter is today.   

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