Sunday, 29 April 2018

Cats preparing for winter :)

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We've had an extremely warm autumn here so far, often with temperatures over 30 degrees C (86F). It broke all the records since they started making them. Finally though the last couple of days have cooled down to a more reasonable level. We even got the heater out and put the fan away in the lounge room.

So the cats have been addressing the coldness issue. Casper and Zac yesterday took to the pink blanket on top of our bed. They've become very good mates since Cloe died and play together a lot now. It's very hard to take a picture of them together as either Casper comes out like a white blob or Zac is so dark he's just a black blob. So here are the two mates together on the beloved pink blanket. The picture above I thought was strangely funny, also on the blanket.

Meanwhile, as it's been getting cooler over night, Natasha has taken to sleeping on her favourite chair in the sun room at night, next to our bedroom. With her beloved Teddy that she snuggles up to or on top of. Yesterday she spent most of the day there. We had the two cats on the bed and her nearby on her chair. It was cat city.

David had the heater on in the lounge room this morning before I got up and of course The cats surrounded it. Here's mates Zac and Casper. 

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