Thursday, 5 April 2018

My psychologist was stunned at what the neighbour's 4yr old daughter said to David

You can find the whole story of what happened the other day here, when the neighbour's 4 year old daughter looked at David after he said hello to her with her saying straight out to his face "You're not good people".

This is the exact same story I related today to my psychologist, who I've been seeing since I was diagnosed in 2009. We've developed an extraordinarily good professional relationship over that time as he helped me through some extremely tough times. At one point a couple of years later he said he just couldn't believe the bad things that kept happening to me. 

But that's another story, suffice to say his own father suicided years back and so he's one of those rare psychologists that actually gets where I'm coming from. At times it's been from an extremely isolated depth that very few would understand, let alone be able to treat. But he's been there through it all in such a professional manner that can't be faulted.

In those years there's been very few times that anything I've said to him has had such an effect as the story I told him today of the little girl next door. I went though the whole sage as I did in the blog post, but I didn't title it before I started the story as with the blog post. So he had no warning when I announced at the end when she told David "You're not good people".

His head went back and after some seconds he said "Ohhhhh....." and was silent for some more seconds. He was shocked/stunned. That such a thing had come from a 4 year old girl. Obviously the parents had told her that we we not good people, and all the disgusting prejudices and stigmas that it involves because we're gay. I bet they voted No in the survey too.

So I explained how I'd posted all about it here on the blog and once I've done that it's usually like I've let it go and can move on. But this time was different I said, it was still there after I posted. Over the course of the next few days I got quite depressed about it, to be expected I guess but usually what people may think of me I don't care less. It was because it had come from such a small child that threw me.

When the cops came to check on the place after nearly 3 months of them disappearing the cops rang the real estate agent, in the process, who were managing the property. They found in doing so that none of them living there are the leaseholder. He lives elsewhere and was the one paying the rent when they were gone. David has had experience with this (his ex was a lawyer) and reckons such an arrangement is illegal in Australia. 

David even stated to them when he gave them the letters that were falling out of the letterbox (no, they didn't even arrange for their mail to be picked up by anyone) that the cops said that they weren't the leaseholders. The husband said it was a relo of his. David said his face almost drained to white, and he heard a big argument between him and his wife in another language shortly after in which at one point english was used "He knows, he knows". Pretty damning.

David wants to carry it further, getting in touch with the real estate and all after what happened. I told him I just don't want the drama and aggravation. Psychologist agreed with me. You can't take action on everything you see that's wrong. I just think Karma will get them in the end.

Besides, as I said in the other post, their daughter's going to give them hell on earth when she gets older and with Australian friends her age. I know, I've got a 27 year old daughter who put me through a living hell in her teens, and we're Australians!

What's more there's 3 of them in there in a tiny 1 bedroom flat that was divided off of the main house (which we have). She doesn't even have a bedroom of her own as she's forced to sleep in the lounge room. We've often heard her still up long after midnight as she can't go to bed until they do. At some point she'll realise that this isn't normal and demand her own bedroom. 

Anyway bla bla bla.... They've been extremely quiet over there since they got back. Let's hope it stays that way. I don't want David getting an excuse to go to war with them as when he goes to war he sort of gets unhinged verbal diarrhoea :s  Everyone who 's known him for a long time knows it's only a matter of time if he friends people and they do the wrong thing by him he'll go into nuclear war. I hope peace prevails :)

I myself am much more pragmatic. Just don't make friends in the first place. Problem solved. But that's just not David, very outgoing and engaging personality makes friends at the drop of a hat and after a while gets hurt by them. What do you do?

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