Thursday, 12 April 2018

Facebook collects data on non users of Facebook - Zuckerberg (video)

Yes folks, it's worse than we thought. Worse than our wildest nightmares. Way way worse. As a non Facebook user I'm personally of the opinion that the whole platform should be shut down. It has blatantly abused any trust put in it of data being safe, or data being collected without the knowledge of the people it's being collected from. Facebook is a monolithic Orwellian failure, and should be dismantled for our own security and privacy. I've got a feeling that this may all go down in history as one of the biggest mistakes of our time.

The latest from the congressional committee grilling Zuckerberg, is an admission by Zuckerberg that Facebook collects data on people like me, who don't even use Facebook. The closest I get to Facebook is as a "lurker" reading a couple of sites regularly about Australian politics. I had a Facebook account years ago but disabled it after deciding it wasn't for me. Just email you know if you want to stay in touch. But you don't even need to visit a Facebook page for them to collect data on you, they get it from elsewhere.

I'm absolutely outraged! Rope-able! How dare they do that behind my back! And you can't find out what they've got on you unless you sign up for Facebook FFS! How do I even know if what they've got on me is safe and secure? Could it be used by a political party not of my persuasion to target me? In Australia? Info on me that I had no idea they had! Not to mention it breaks the strict Australian privacy laws on your personal information. I feel violated. WTF is next?

Mark Zuckerberg, under stern questioning by U.S. lawmakers, said Facebook Inc. collects information on consumers who aren’t registered as users, acknowledging something that’s been reported but not publicly spelled out by the company.

“In general we collect data on people who are not signed up for Facebook for security purposes,” Zuckerberg said Wednesday in a hearing about the social network’s privacy practices in Washington before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

His questioner, Representative Ben Lujan, a New Mexico Democrat, said the practice creates “shadow profiles.”

“You’ve said everyone controls their data, but you’re collecting data on people that are not even Facebook users who have never signed a consent, a privacy agreement,” Lujan said.

Zuckerberg said the practice was intended to help prevent malicious actors from collecting public information from Facebook users, such as names. “We need to know when somebody is trying to repeatedly access our services,” he said.

Lujan said non-members of Facebook wanting to know what data the company holds are directed by the service to sign up for a page, in order to see what information is being harbored. “We’ve got to fix that,” he said.

Facebook builds “shadow profiles” of people who aren’t users by accessing data from inboxes and smartphone contacts of those who are active users, Gizmodo and other publications have reported. Fortune

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