Monday, 9 April 2018

It's official, Turnbull loses 30 Newspolls in a row (video)

After turfing Abbott over losing 30 Newspolls in a row, now Turnbull has done exactly the same. His flash in the pan popularity crumbled when people realised no policies had changed and he might as well be Abbott. He couldn't stand up to the loony right and the gov has been run on many issues from the back benches. Turnbull appears to have only wanted the prime minister-ship for another feather in his hat, not to do anything meaningful. 

For example marriage equality remained in limbo because the loony right wanted a plebiscite on it, which was defeated in the senate when Labor listened to the LGBT community and became concerned about the damage it would do to us. If Turnbull had any balls he'd have allowed his party to have a free conscience vote on the issue as the numbers were there since the previous election to pass it. After a while the loony right came up with the postal survey idea, which despite being challenged in the high court by the LGBT, went ahead. Causing untold pain and angst, simply because Turnbull was too gutless to allow a free vote. Like many other issues, Turnbull owns this, because of his lack of character, conviction, and spine. He's no leader, just a well paid puppet.

Of course now Abbott is asking why he was turfed over 30 Newspolls and Turnbull isn't.  Abbott fails to see that it's the Abbott policies that are the problem, no matter who heads up those policies as prime minister.

Tony Abbott has again challenged Malcolm Turnbull to explain why he should remain leader, after hitting 30 Newspoll losses.

 It’s the same benchmark the Prime Minister cited as his reason for knifing Mr Abbott back in 2015.

Ray Hadley asks the former PM why there shouldn’t be an immediate leadership spill.

 “If it’s a trigger to get rid of one Prime minister, why can’t it be a trigger to get rid of a second Prime Minister?”

 Mr Abbott admits that’s a fair point. 2GB

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