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Neighbours 4yr old daughter told David "You're not good people"

Australian immigrants per capita 
Normally I'm a tough old bird and very little phases me. However this one was different. The thing about discrimination is that it always hurts, no matter how old and tough we think we are.

Soooooooo ........ we've watched this lovely little lady grow up from birth and had casual interactions of saying hello and wot not. She's a little darling full of the joys of life (as they all are at that age before they turn into evil teenagers). Always smiling and happy. A pleasure to see.

The neighbours are asylum recipients from Bangladesh where they were suffering persecution from Islamic nutters bent on hating anyone not of their particular strain of Islamic nuttiness. They've lived next door for some years now, although it wasn't until David moved in that we got to know them some. David, unlike me, has a very outgoing and engaging personality and got to know everyone around the place.

Recently the neighbours disappeared, early in January we estimate (the house is divided poorly and we can hear each other on occasion). They left two windows open about 10cm and after a while their mail was falling out of the letterbox. We worried about that being an advertisement for thieves and so collected it to give back to them if or when they returned. They told non of the neighbours here that they were going somewhere for an extended period.

What's more I noticed on the PC that they'd left their (secure) WiFi on, adding to the mystery. We started to worry then that if they'd left that on, what else might be left on in the place? What if there was an electrical fault? This 100 year old house would go up in flames very quickly. Although it's double brick there's a lot of wood and other flammables. 

After nearly three months, and after talking to the other neighbours about it, we decided to ring the police about WTF was going on over there. They arrived after planning the next day, with a couple of detective inspectors who also thought something was awry and suspicious. They got in very quickly as the bathroom window wasn't even locked, not even a bit of wood to stop it sliding open FFS. They didn't find anyone in there but told David that it certainly looked suspicious and if they'd been David they have rung the cops too.

And guess who arrived back the very next day? The neighbours. We couldn't fuckin believe it. How could someone bugger off for nearly three months, tell nobody around the place they were going, leave the windows open and the WiFi going, and come back nearly three months later like nothing had happened? It just beggars belief. How could anyone be so stupid?

Anyway I think they went back to Bangladesh to see all the relos before their daughter started school. At least that's what I gathered from the fathers mumble after I asked "Where have you been?"  But despite their complete stupidity we looked out for them, collected the mail, and even rung the cops over how concerned we were about their well being.

And so they came back the next day. They thought it was funny when we told them how not only us but other neighbours were so worried about what might have happened to them. Laughed in our faces to be exact. And then came the killer blow........  to David, but at the same time both of us.

Upon going into their place the little four yr old girl was temporarily left in their kitchen on her own just inside their front door. David was outside telling them that the police had been in there the day before as we were all worried. They looked completely exhausted after what I guess was a long flight. The little girl likely not, after sleeping on the flight. 

David didn't tell me about it for a couple of days afterwards, he was so upset I guess. He spoke to her saying "Hi T___". She replied "You're not good people".

Coming from someone so young it's obviously not her fault. It's her parents indoctrinating her to be against gay people like us. I bet they voted No in the postal survey too.

To finish, after dwelling on this a few days now and unloading about it here (the whole reason I started this blog in the first place) I think my overall point is this. I've always supported refugees coming here fleeing persecution and I detest what's happening in our offshore gulags locking them up forever. I vote Greens not Labor because of that one policy of theirs alone, racing the Liberals to the bottom using race to do it, all because of a few vital election seats in western Sydney full of racists. But I digress.....

My main point is wondering why people who have been persecuted for their difference and get asylum here, becoming Australian citizens and all that stands for (as our neighbours have) then why would they bring their own prejudices and hatred towards people like us of difference to Australia? Why oh why did they come here if they aren't going to celebrate difference as a national strength like the great majority of Australians do? 

This is Australia, the most multicultural country on earth with far more immigrants per capita than even the US. Why did they chose Australia to flee to if they can't  embrace our fundamental belief as a society?

Perhaps they just need time. Their daughter's going to give them hell over it when she gets older in school and around Australian friends.

But right now it just hurts.

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