Sunday, 29 April 2018

Our wedding day is nearly here :)

Much to the aghastness of the Australian Christian Lobby, and Lyle Shelton (who has left the ACL after his postal survey complete failure, and has now joined Cory Bernardi's wacko Australian Conservatives party in a re-entry into politics) David and I will soon be married. Next weekend in fact. 

We're having a small gathering at the registry office in the city where they have quite a nice little venue for it that can hold up to 12 guests. Then after the ceremony it's off to the pub for a couple of hours with everyone (complete with rings on fingers) and then to a restaurant. All arranged weeks ago. 

Here in Australia you have to wait a month before you can get married after notifying the registry office that you intend to do so. I guess that's so someone doesn't get blind drunk one night and wake up married. So it's been a bit of a wait but nothing like the years it took to get here.

Not bothering with a cake, although I put the picture above up just to annoy any RWNJ's who may stumble upon this here little post. Just the restaurant. My daughter is coming to the ceremony but not the pub or the meal as she's 8 months pregnant! We don't want her dropping right in the middle of everything. Plus family and frieds attending all. 

Interestingly there's a lesbian couple being married just before us. The guy at the registry said quite a lot of women have been marrying but we're only the second male couple to do so at that registry. Not sure if that's because guys are less into monogamy than women, or that guys have more money having no kids and want to have a wedding at their own venue. 

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