Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Gays caused the banks to break the law - Miranda Devine

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RWNJ Miranda Devine (yes that's actually her name) has written a piece about the royal commission into banks that is exposing all manner of dastardly deeds done by them to people. Rather than the usual commentary on the appalling behaviour of the banks and demands for jail time for those guilty of ripping people off tens of thousands of dollars, Devine instead focuses once again on us evil gays. She manages, by a huge leap of mental gymnastics, to blame us gays for the bank's criminal behaviour.

It's all behind a paywall, but luckily some nice Twitterati person has put up a clear picture of most of it (above). You can even read it if you zoom in a bit. The key part of it is this; that the banks lost track of behaving within the law because they they were too busy putting their human resources depts behind the push for inclusion and diversity in their workplaces during last years marriage equality national debate. That they should have focused on their business instead of being a "social engineer" (right out of Abbott's dictionary that one).

So you see everyone, us evil gays have struck yet again! In our dastardly plot to gain marriage equality, we went about leading the banks down a merry path of destruction. Obviously we wanted to destroy the banks for supporting us :s  

FFS, it's just nonsensical for various reasons. Not the least of which is that the marriage equality national postal survey debate took place towards the end of last year. Does Devine seriously think that it caused a bank to charge a dead person fees for a decade after death as has been revealed by the commission?

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