Monday, 30 April 2018

Cried on phone canceling charity food service - gov cuts for NDIS bite

*Update: Talked to the food delivery people today in our third to last delivery off them. They're losing their jobs being made redundant. Is this the gov's idea of "Jobs and growth"?

Today we were forced to cancel our participation in the charity food service that whe've been accessing for the last 4 or so years. Yes, the gov is finding money to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme by cutting services across the country like this one. 

Now, anyone under 65 can't use it unless they pay full price for it, which we could likely do better at the local greengrocers. Likely many people are going to pull out of it due to the cuts and the service at the local Community centre may not even survive because of that. Which means it may not even be able to keep it going for people over 65. FFS.

It was an economic decision by us. After a $30 a fortnight increase in rent (still waiting for public Housing) starting from today, a nearly doubling of the food service price from $24 a fortnight to $40 is completely undo-able. Between us we got about a $20 a fortnightly increase in our pension recently but that doesn't even cover the rental increase. We already go days on end without a cent. The money has got to come from somewhere, and in this case it's from the service that the gov cut the funding for. We'll just have to go without and go back to a couple of packets of frozen vegetables.

So I rang the community centre today and told the head person there that we've have to cancel it. Said I'd let this auto payment through this Thursday and that would be it. The funding doesn't end until July 1st  but when things like this happen I feel it's better to just end it sooner rather than later. 

She apologised again and I said it wasn't her fault; that this federal gov should have funded the NDIS properly instead of raiding funds from other needed services, which she agreed. I was all OK talking about the money situation and how impossible it was for us. It wasn't until I said we'd say goodbye to the people that had been delivering the service  in the truck to our door that I started falling apart. People that I guess may lose their jobs because of the funding cuts.

The lady said we'd still be seeing them for another couple of weeks, as she thought I said "Say goodbye to them". I said "No, we'll say goodbye to them". At which point the humanity of what this gov was doing to us hit home. These people have become our friends, sometimes bringing pots and the like as David has his cactus garden everywhere, to aid him in it. In times when they weren't in a hurry we chatted and got to know each other. They were very sad when Cloe died, and love Zac to death.

Zac even knows them. As soon as he hears their little truck coming he sprints to the back door to see. They often pat him on the head. I laughed one time saying "Looks like we have a guard cat!" I don't  think they deliver to many other gays either as they looked at us as rather special. We've told them we're marrying shortly and they're so happy for us. But now that relationship is ending because this gov cut the funds off this service to give to the NDIS.

After that at the end of the call, me choking through tears, saying "What this gov is doing to us....." unable to complete the sentence. I ended the call thereafter saying bye also through choking tears. 

I'm enraged, but presently I'm too upset to be enraged. That I'm sure will come shortly......