Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Financial Counselor

Day two away from work. I am enjoying this. I have time now to do things that I otherwise wouldn't have.

Had an interesting visit with the psychologist yesterday afternoon. The subject came up about my mental state and the affect that may have on my ability to work, as well as the obvious physical side of it. It's been a number of years now with huge traumas on top of each other. Perhaps the time off will give space to breath and opportunities to do more pleasant things than bashing my head against a far right Capitalist wall. 

I don't think that was helping my mental state at all.  I feel it definitely is the thing after a period of stress like that, when your whole body relaxes both mentally and physically. I haven't particularly noticed how stressed I was until the last couple of days of not being at work. Have been tired, as would be expected when you relax like that. Last two nights have slept solidly for at least 10 hours.

Decided to give the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation a go.

They look way more friendlier than a gov dept. Sent off an email yesterday and they rang me only about an hour later. I want to go see one of their financial counselors who can maybe wave some magic wand over my money catastrophes. In order to do that though I have to become a client of theirs. That means basically giving them proof of my financial dire straights, and proof that I'm HIV positive. No worries. 

Have printed out most of my last two months statements from various accounts online, and had the last one in a drawer (my login has never worked for that bank so I've never gone to paperless statements with them). Got also the thing I signed at work for the new shift, saying how much I will earn and all. Payslips if they want them too. Psychologist gave me a letter re being HIV+, as I was diagnosed at that centre anyway. Have an appt next Mon for the "Intake Assessment".

Back to dreary work tomorrow. Ugh. I hope this new speaker thing I got will help. Still can't believe the sound that comes out of the thing. Here's a pic. The little thing plugged into it via the white cord is my 4 gig MP3 player would you believe.

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