Sunday, 25 September 2011

Mood improves

Cold rainy day in Sydney. Cat walked outside, took one look at it, and walked back in. The rain started Friday night and hasn't let up since. Constant and looks like it's getting heavier. Good in a way as we haven't had much lately, and I guess with Spring you'd expect some. It's quite dark too. 

Am just doing normal boring stuff. Washing the new work shirts we got given, ugh they are hideous. Fluorescent orange. This is the new rage in factories, to dress people in fluorescent colours so they can be seen. Apparently everyone went partially blind about 10 years ago and companies have had to make people wear bright colours for visibility. 

The depressive mood yesterday seems to have passed. Actually felt like getting out of bed today at 8am. Then promptly fell back to sleep. I got up at 10am. There was of course very exciting things awaiting my attention on getting up, like doing the dishes and washing, and of course feeding puss. She woke me up this morning at 6:30, loudly meowing next to the bedroom door. But think she just wanted attention, as she jumped on the bed and I patted her, much to her pleasure. Plonked down and went to sleep on the bed. 

Still dunno why I felt so bad yesterday.


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