Monday, 12 September 2011

It's official

I am now a charity case. I became a client of the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation today.

It's early days, but already they tell me they will pay for medication, including over the counter vitamins and supplements. They've given me a form to take to my doctor to list everything I take.  I will be getting an appt soon to see their financial bloke, after which they will have more of an idea of their services I can access.

I have very mixed feelings. I've never before had help from a charity. I'm told they get funding from the gov, but they are privately run and have funds from donations mainly. Before now I've always relied on the system. I've always got the help I've needed or gotten through with my own efforts.

It's like HIV is too much for the system. Too much for my efforts. Both have come short.

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