Thursday, 15 September 2011

Fuck it

The usual shit today. Hard getting up, blood out of nose, got through work, blah blah fuckin blah.

Home after it all. Horrible day it was. Felt worse today than before. Have to go to work, and yesterday it wasn't so bad there, but today was struggling. Should've taken the eye drops as they were itching and irritated like mad. Watering all day. Blowing crap out of nose all day. Used up the Panadol and bought more on the way home. Fuck man, if I was an animal they'd shoot me. 

Had enough eh. Just fuckin had enough.

Is this my life now? Am I just having a bad run (oh how familiar) or am I now going to be spending months on end like this? If it's the later I don't think I want to hang around for it.

I mean just look at me. HIV+, in debt beyond my capacity to pay, failing at work, seeking charities for a pittance, and now I'm supposed to live in sickness indefinitely? 

Fuck this shit.   

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