Sunday, 7 June 2015

Court date near for psycho nephew

It's the week after this coming one, finally we can get it all over with.

I was going to sit in a side room except for the hearing but think I'll just go in now. I honestly don't want to see the prick in any way shape or form, but my head has a habit of making myself numb in situations of stress like that. 

David is bottling things up and having the odd explosive outlet about it all. He's worried about having to be a part of a rift in my family. Cripes, I told him not to worry and that whatever happened to Phillip he deserved it. I couldn't believe David was blaming himself for what happened.

Of course neither of us want to have to go back there to the night of the bashing. I've a distinct feeling psycho Phillip doesn't want to either :) Fuck he must be shitting himself presently. Hopefully he'll just roll over and change his plea to guilty. He's likely still picking his chin up off the floor after reading the brief.