Friday, 12 June 2015

Telstra arrives to fix the home phone landline

The Telstra bloke knocks on the door after my stressful call to the call centre yesterday and I let him in. Young apprentice person with his "Team Leader" on the way. We don't have supervisors anymore you know, we have team leaders.

He plugs a different standard phone in and rings the home number from his (I guess) work Telstra phone. Nope, nothing but static. He puts a new buffer thingo that goes between the phone and the phone line carrying the internet. Rings on his Telstra mobile again.... he notices "Oh, there's no reception". Welcome to my world of Telstra I thought. No reception in the middle of Sydney's eastern suburbs. 

Actually there is, it just cuts out all the time.

So he goes and meets him supervisor team leader out the front and they're both doing stuff to this thing on the street. Then they disappear without telling me anything about what's happening despite the fact that the young bloke said they'd be back to do so. 

Have they fixed it? David rings the home number. Nope, still just static on his end. I guess they've just gone somewhere else into the Telstra depths to fix something. Then the internet dies. Then there's no dial tone even. 

Finally it comes back on, well the internet has and there's a dial tone. David's out at the moment and I have no credit on my mobile to test ringing in.

This is the 100 year old infrastructure that Abbott wants to connect the fibre optic National Broadband Network to. 

It's still not fixed. The latest they have by their timetable to resolve it is this Monday. 

Update 2: 
I rang faults again and the two Telstra blokes had signed off on it as fixed, without coming to check to see if it was or not. The fault people arranged for another visit on Tuesday. I wonder if the "team leader" will be involved with that one. 

They have redirected incoming calls to my Telstra mobile; the one that cuts out every few minutes from poor reception in the house. Half the time it doesn't even ring and I just get a text that I missed a call.