Sunday, 2 October 2011

3 years

Beginning of October now, and we're getting cold winds and rain. Normally that would be depressing, but the Spring rains are a bit different. Something about bringing new life and all, somehow gives the rain an added freshness. 

Long weekend here, Labour Day on Monday. Not that it affects me as I have 4 days off every week. They've started daylight saving and this morning had to remember to put the clocks forward. It's amazing all this automated stuff now. The bedroom was the only place with a clock that I had to adjust it. Everything else did it itself. Even the TV thing did it itself. 

Being October too makes it 3 years since being infected. Dunno the exact date, but it would have been Oct sometime. It was Nov that I had the sero-conversion, quite bad it was, sick for a month and lost 5 kilos. Was diagnosed in March the following year.

Feeling ill again today, nauseous. Don't feel much like eating. I guess will go and get something appetizing. Have felt sick like this for days now. Woke up this morning too and it looks like the Yellow Slime Disease might be making a come back. It's not bad, yet, but there was still more than yesterday. Will let my doctor know Tuesday and see if I need to go back on antibiotics again. I'm not chancing another episode like last time, that was sooo bad. 

I think I'm holding up OK re the stress of this money thing, so far anyway. GP I'm seeing Tuesday replied to the email I sent, thanking me for the info. Will make it a lot easier than explaining everything when I get there. Psychologist will have all week to write something so I'd expect he'd have it ready for my next appt Monday week. Will be interesting to see what he writes, as the last one he did for me (court last year) I was a bit stunned at how fucked up I was after reading it. 

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