Thursday, 20 October 2011

The grind

It has been a tough couple of days at work. It's weeks like these that I'm very glad to be going there for only 3 days. It's not so much the workload at present, but that everything seems to be late. Management can't seem to decide what they want first, and keep chopping and changing what they want me to do. At the end of today I was absolutely exhausted, and beside the machine were bits of three jobs, all evidently urgent. There's just no way I could do this for five days anymore.

Stopped at the pub and had 4 beers on the way home. I was almost too fuckin tired to drink them. But after that I felt much different. My body had relaxed, as well as my head. There's certainly something to be said for a bit of alcohol. Even my stomach after a big lunch was hurting a bit, but now is fine. Apart from the head thing, alcohol really helps me when I'm feeling like this. I don't sit there and get blind. Four beers was enough. Doctors often fail to recognise this help it gives you.

Have been good this week with lunches at work. Have bought pre-made salad things from the supermarket, different variety's, and have added stuff to them to make a filling meal for the work lunch. Some chopped cucumber, baby tomatoes, already sliced Salami, and perhaps some salad dressing and bits of cheese goes well with the salads. Today I was so full from it, but it was delicious and much better than the cafeteria food. No indigestion, although today it was so much I felt a bit sore in the stomach afterwards. 

Have started to put the weight back on after losing it from the antibiotics. Have been feeling quite hungry last few days and eating much better. Those antibiotics knock me around so badly.

Got the letter from my psychologist on Tuesday. And yes, I am still really fucked up. It was a good two paragraphs, very well written and descriptive. Read it a couple of times. To me there's no exaggeration. This is a good description of my mental state at present. A bit depressing. Although it's good I guess for the application to my Super fund. Fuck, if this doesn't get the gov to give the OK to release it, then nothing will. 

Gotta make dinner and crash darlings. Only one more day of work this week. 

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