Saturday, 15 October 2011

Long road

Went to the HIV doctor on Tuesday and got a letter off him for my Superannuation money. He's a top specialist at the hospital so I guess something from him would carry a lot of weight. He wasn't optimistic at all about my chances of getting the money released, but well I do have to try don't I. Got a blood form off him so when I go back for my regular appt week after next the results will be there. He was surprised at how sick I'd been, particularly as I was then on my third lot of antibiotics. I described how bad it had all been in my mouth, throat, and nose, and how I needed stronger antibiotics after the first lot. Said that it was either a very robust virus, or there was something else going on. 

Just waiting for the last letter off my psychologist now. He said he'd send it in the mail last Monday when I saw him, and it still hasn't gotten here yet. Australia Post is just hopeless sometimes. Have emailed him asking if I could pick up a copy at the front desk Monday or Tuesday. Want to try and see the money guru this week as I'm free, and have other appts the following.

Just finished the third lot of antibiotics this morning. I feel fine now, no Slime, no soreness at all. I hope it doesn't come back again

Work was fine this week, got through it easily. I did notice though that where my machine is is right under a big air conditioning vent. It gets cold in there sometimes, and my nose was running a bit whilst there. Makes me wonder if that has had something to do with the Slime.

Simon rang briefly night before last. Wasn't expecting it as had said for him not to ring for a while, and was nearly asleep in bed. I explained to him that I wasn't angry or anything, and he was very apologetic about some of the things he'd said previously. But still it was an indication of what's been going through his mind, and I told him there's nothing wrong with that and it's to be expected in situations like this. And that I thought it's probably a good idea to have a break for a while. He said that we can still keep in touch, which is fine. The closeness is gone though.

Chronic illness is a long journey.  

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