Monday, 25 February 2013

Cops & Mardi Gras - 35 years later

Looking at this is an indication just how far gay people have come since 1978. Back then the parade was broken up by police who bashed them as well. Today we have this.

Last parade I went to they had a cop float as well. Yes darlings, there's even gay cops. Why anyone would want to become a cop I don't know, but hey the gay ones can march alongside the rest of them now. 

As the days edge closer to the Sydney Mardi Gras parade, ACON will team up with police from a number of local area commands to take part in a high visibility operation that will focus on community safety and encourage LGBTI people to access support and report homophobic and transphobic violence.

Officers from Surry Hills and Newtown police stations will join Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officers (GLLOs), staff and volunteers from ACON's Anti-Violence Project and other community groups for the operation taking place from Wednesday, February 27 until Friday, March 1. 

Surry Hills Local Area Commander Superintendent Anthony Crandell said the upcoming initiative will reinforce the commitment of ACON and Surry Hills Police in ensuring that members of the LGBTI community feel safe and enjoy the Oxford St precinct, especially in the lead up to the Mardi Gras Parade. 

“Surry Hills Police and the ACON encourage and welcome all members of the community to approach the Police command buses and Police officers patrolling the Oxford Street area,” Crandell said. more

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