Friday, 15 February 2013

Straights have anal sex too

The what's "right" or "wrong" in sex is changing vastly in the last decades. Sexuality, if we're able to explore it, can be very complex. I don't think we often give credit to how fluid sexuality really is. It's hard to pigeon hole people into one group. I call myself "gay", for want of a better word. I'm human.

For instance, straight guys can have anal sex, but not be gay. In fact straight anal sex is increasing markedly. My question therefore is, when gay guys fuck that's "unnatural" or something. But nothing is said about straight couples doing it. 

Some of the descriptions are quite revealing, remember this is from a straight guy:
“My wife is totally turned on by the idea of ‘having’ me, as that’s just not something women really get to do most of the time, and it’s not something that guys have usually had done to them. It really is a reversal in the most primal of ways,” explains newlywed Brooklynite Anthony. “I think anyone who doesn’t enjoy it or thinks they wouldn’t is hindered by their own hang-ups. It feels good, period. And breaking taboos is sexy. Variety is sexy. Being vulnerable is sexy.” more
Exactly. In fact that's such a good description I think I'm blushing...

And there's this statistic: 
Anal sex isn’t taboo. Thirty-six percent of men and 31 percent of women admitted to having anal sex. Read more

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