Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Russia rejects criticism of anti-gay laws

In words that beggar belief, the foreign minister of Russia has come out whole heartedly supporting the proposed anti gay laws.

Russia’s foreign minister has rejected criticism about the proposed law that would outlaw ‘homosexual propaganda’ nationwide.

Sergey Lavrov said there are no obligations to Europe or any other country to respect gay people's rights in Russia.
‘We don’t have a single international or common European commitment to allow propaganda of homosexuality,’ he said. more
The inference reading between the lines is disgusting. What about human rights being respected? Or are gay people less than human and therefore don't qualify to have their rights respected? The foreign minister is basically giving the world the finger. Well fuck you too Russia. Slide backwards then. He goes on:
‘Russia has its own moral, religious and historical values,’ Lavrov said, warning against ‘another kind of discrimination when one group of citizens gets the right to aggressively promote their own values that run against those shared by the majority of the society and impose them on children.’ more
Oh pleeeease.... He uses the word "moral" and "values" to describe the demonisation and oppression of a minority. More like immoral and de-value a minority as fellow human beings on the planet. No surprise that he mentions religion as well. So here we have religion (again) playing a pivotal role, in the immorality of clobbering a minority, simply because of their sexuality. 

And the children! For the love of god, the children! We must think of the children! Well fuckwits, how about you think of the children who grow up struggling with their sexuality? Who may kill themselves because they feel so hated and alone? Indeed, think of the children....

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