Monday, 25 February 2013

"Respect the relationship"

David got a text message a couple of days ago, from the two faced prick who wanted David to have a threesome with him and his partner. All behind my back of course. David told me next time he talked to me that it had came. Unbelievably, two faced prick has tried it on again. Has this guy got no fuckin shame?

He wanted David to come over to their place (which is quite a way from here anyway) "for dinner", and he could "stay the night" if he wanted. Fuck I laughed when David told me. He said straight out he wasn't going anyway as two faced prick hadn't invited me.

I said WTF? How fuckin blatant can you get? Two faced prick might as well have just texted "do you want to come over and have a fuck tonight?". At least it would've been more truthful. And once again, he didn't mention me. Which David picked up on of course, and he told me he's not going to have anything to do with people who don't respect our relationship. 

I mean FFS, this guy's treating me like I don't even exist. Two faced fuckin prick he is. I bet if I see him at the pub again he'll smile at me and pretend nothing's happened. He just doesn't understand how close David and I are at all. Either that or he's a dumb two faced prick.