Wednesday, 10 June 2015

David's discrimination case finally going to arbitration

A phone call yesterday from the lawyers dealing with David's HIV discrimination case from his work last year. This is what completely fucked us over in every way; David losing his job in the most horrible discriminatory way and throwing us into poverty. In fact beyond poverty for a time last year, using the credit card to pay the rent every second week for 4 months whilst David's work fucked him over. Their actions caused about a months delay in David getting a cent from Centrelink as well, being part of that 4 months he had nothing. 

It's meant I'm now facing bankruptcy over it (looking increasingly likely BTW) from credit card debt, that I had to borrow $10,000 off my sister to survive, and get $10,000 out of my super as well under severe financial hardship to keep us both afloat. David has had to sell things of value he's owned and also do the severe financial hardship $10,000 withdrawal from his super as well. 

David was thrown into severe mental distress over it and has been unable to work for a time. He was at that job for 7 years before this happened. People often don't realise the terrible things discrimination can do to people.

Now finally the lawyers have gotten his work to the table. It was either that or court and of course the large private health company would rather settle out of court; discrimination lawyers are extremely expensive apparently. So it's going to arbitration through the discrimination board, a date set down next month.

I'm going along too as I have damages in this as well; about $50,000 worth on my calculations. Newstart is impossible to live off paying nearly $400 a week rent.