Friday, 5 June 2015

Feel like going postal at the Commonwealth Bank

Lucky Australia has gun laws or I might very well have gone postal at the local branch this morning. The drama of telling them that the financial counselor has the authority to act on my behalf still isn't over.

So I get a call from him this morning saying that they still didn't have the authority form. FFS! WTF are those clowns doing in there? The $bloke has faxed three forms to the bank all filled out and signed by me giving him the authority to deal with the bank on my behalf. I attended the bank a few days ago proving that I was me with all the ID needed. I just couldn't believe that the bank reckoned they didn't have this form and didn't know I was me.

So I printed out the one sent by the bank to me, and went down the road to the community centre to see the $bloke. He signed again the banks form, and we did another Wesley mission version of it. I then headed off to the bank feeling really bloody pissed off with them.

I saw a lady in there who didn't have a clue what to do. She called someone who had only slightly more of a clue, who announced that the $bloke now had to come into the bank to prove he was actually him. What the fuckin fuck? I said it'd been nearly a month all this has been going on and this is the first time anyone said anything about the $bloke having to come into the bank.

I pointed to his business card and told them this was his job. That he'd dealt with the bank previously in such a capacity for other people. In fact he'd told me already that the Commonwealth bank was very hard to deal with. 

Another lady comes in with (again) only slightly more of a clue than the one in front of me, who also didn't know WTF to do.

The lady with no clue then rings some bank help line and is informed that the $bloke doesn't in fact need to come in to the bank at all. That the two forms I had be scanned and put into the system, and then the $bloke ring a new number that nobody knew about.

So it was back to the community centre with the news of the new plan of action. The $bloke laughed about the coming in to the bank thing, and said that this was the first time ever a bank had suggested he do so